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bMCA Intelligent MultiChannel Analyzer Family
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bMCA USB Multichannel Analyzer
bMCA Ethernet Multichannel Analyzer
bMCA Box Digital Multichannel Analyzer

Introduced August 2012, the bMCA is the first of BrightSpec's Compact Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer series. Specifically designed to be used with scintillation detectors, this MCA is built into the tube socket, taking very little space. The USB interface allows simple connection to a PC and is also used to power the device.

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bMCA Ethernet

This is the Ethernet version of the bMCA. Using an Ethernet connection instead of USB allows installing the device in remote places. Data transfer rates are also tremendously improved. 

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The bMCA-Box is a special version of the bMCA (USB or Ethernet), where the tube socket has been replaced by a single SHV connector. By doing so, the bMCA can be used with a range of odd-sized detectors that are supplied with a single connector that carries both the signal and the high voltage supply..

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