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The Domino®

A strong demand for thin form factor neutron detectors with the flexibility to adjust available detection area has driven RDT to offer the end-to end pluggable Domino™ with 4 cm^2 detection area, 20% - 30% thermal neutron detection efficiency, <3 mW power consumption, and digital output per module.  The digital outputs of the Domino® may also be tied together in the tiled format.

Electronics & Interfacing

The onboard electronics package includes a preamplifier, shaping amplifier, discriminator, analog-to-digital converter, temperature sensor and voltage regulator.


  • Detector Area: 4 cm^2                
  • Εthermal : 30(±1)%@ 20°C        
  • εCf-252: 0.04%(no mod)             
  • εCf-252: ~0.1%(1in.3 mod)         
  • Icont: 290 μA                               
  • Vinput: 2.9-5.5 V                         
  • Voutput: 2.7 V (≥1kΩ)                  
  • Built in temperature sensor
  • Sensitivity to Ambient Light : No
  • Temp. Range: -40°C to 55°C
Domino™ Neutron Detector
Solid-State Neutron Detection Applications

Neutron detector applications include those for homeland security (e.g., border screening), fundamental research (e.g., at neutron scattering beamlines), and industrial monitoring (e.g., personnel monitoring, water content in soil). Solid-state neutron detectors provide an alternative to the 3He-based detectors, maintaining a high thermal-neutron detection efficiency, at a fraction of the volume, mass, voltage, and power required from gas or liquid detectors.

MSND® Technology

The detector utilizes microstructured semiconductor
neutron detector (MSND®) technology‡ with 6Li
conversion to yield a thermal neutron detection efficiency
of 30%. Optimum HDPE moderator for 252Cf neutron
source at 1-m is 3-4 cm in front and 3-6 cm behind the
MSND® sensor.
Domino Cutaway View (simulated)
‡US Patents 6,545,281, 7,164,138, & 8,778,715
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  • Connector: Samtec (2mm Center)
            > TMM-110-01-L-S-RA-007 (male)
            > SQT-110-01-L-S-RA-007 (socket)
  • Pulse width: 5-50 μs
  • γ-reject: 1:10^7
  • Mass: 9.5 grams
  • Pileup limit: <33 kcps
  • Rad Hard: <10^10 Rads/s
  • Stackable: yes
  • Tileable: yes, 1-D