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Lens of the Eye Dosimetry - Hp(3)
Eye Dosimeter Headband
Triple Detector Eye Dosimetry Headband

Lens of the Eye Dosimetry, Hp(3), has become increasingly important with the changes recommended by ICRP 103 (Statement on Tissue Reactions). IAEA Reference: ICRP issues statement lowering threshold for eye lens

  • Addresses the ICRP 103 Dose Reduction Changes for Eye Dose Monitoring
  • Preferred solution over side of head mounting to minimize angular dependence
  • IEC-62387 now includes Hp(3)
  • Designed for use with the Harshaw TLD Chipstrate (ordered separately)
  • Incorporates a 300 mg/cm^2 PTFE filter for Hp(3)
  • 1 or 3 TLD detector versions
  • Velcro back for easy size adjustment
  • Easy to wear, comfortable and non-obtrusive
  • Available in customized quantities
Single Detector Eye Dosimeter Headband
Model 2 - 3 detector version
Model 1 - Single detector version
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