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The Harshaw TLD Holder Insert is a unique way to take advantage of the various Harshaw TLD dosimeter holders, such as the 8814, with loose TLD material. If your Dosimetry Services are using bare TLD square chips or round pellets in your own holder design, this is a perfect solution for you. The insert fits into the TLD holder instead of a Harshaw TLD card and may be glued in place, if desired.

Flexibility of the design allows the use of 1 to 4 elements for penetrating dose Hp(10), skin dose Hp(0.07), eye dose Hp(3) or neutron dose with a combination of TLD-600 and TLD-700 elements. 

Various Harshaw TLD holders may be used with the Insert, such as the 8814, also known as the 8890, which provides filtration for Hp(10) with a Teflon filter, Hp(0.07) with the Mylar window, Hp(3) with 300 mg/cm2 ABS plastic and a copper (Cu) energy discrimination filter. Utilizing the 8825 TLD holder would provide an enhanced filtration with the addition of a tin (Sn) filter.

Either LiF:Mg,TI, composed or TLD-100, TLD-700 or TLD-600 may be used as well as high sensitivity LiF:Mg,Cu,P in the TLD-100H, TLD-700H or TLD-600H composition.

For environmental Dosimetry the 8855 TLD holder family may be used with the TLD Holder Insert to achieve measurements for H*(10) and H’(0.07, Ω). Similarly, the 8806 TLD holder may be used for neutron dosimetry when pairs of TLD-600 & TLD-700 are utilized.

Enhance your dosimetry performance with a new Harshaw TLD Holder Insert!
Harshaw TLD Dosimeter Holder Insert
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Harshaw TLD Holder Insert
Harshaw TLD Holder Insert
Harshaw TLD Holder Insert