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Irradiated Food Testing Products

Ionizing radiation has been used for many years to preserve foods by killing organisms in herbs and spices, sterilizing insects in dry foods, inhibiting germination, and prolonging shelf-life by eliminating the organisms on meat/poultry. Food that has been irradiated, typically, does not have a different texture, appearance, or taste. While this process offers health-related and economic benefits, there is concern that food irradiation is used to mask poor food quality and serve as a crutch to improper food handling and processing. 

Many times, the label on the package is the only indication that a food was irradiated. Instead of relying solely on label information, techniques are utilized to confirm irradiation. Food Irradiation detection is important for quality control purposes to ensure a balance of benefits and a control of country specific legislation. Thermoluminescence (TL) technology is widely used as it is highly conclusive and reliable. 
Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
Photo Stimulated Luminescence (PSL)
The bPAD+ is an enhanced version of the bPAD  SCA This device adds an extra analog pulse output, which can be connected to an external MCA for monitoring purposes.
MiniScope MS 5000
Extend your lab’s capabilities with the benchtop EPR/ESR spectrometers. The versatile MS-5000 and MS-5000X are research grade instruments with sensitivity and reliability for demanding applications.
Lexsyg Smart
Lexsyg Smart is a low cost luminescence reader for standard routine measurements of luminescence using thermal and optical stimulation (TL, OSL). The Lexsyg Smart offers all routine functions necessary for fast standard luminescence measurements.
Thermo Luminescent Dosimetry (TLD) & Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dosimetry
Lexsyg Research
Lexsyg Research is a highly flexible modular system for the measurement of luminescence from thermal, optical or ionizing radiation stimulation (i.e. TL, OSL/IRSL and RL). The modular design allows easy modification for almost any kind of user defined configuration of luminescence stimulation and detection, optionally based on an automatic detector changer.
Harshaw TLD Model 3500
This versatile model is able to read powders, an essential feature for food testing and analysis. It provides manual readout of TL chips, disks, rods and cubes in a broad variety of sizes. This reader is suitable for all kinds of applications that require thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) detectors.
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