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Magnettech MiniScope
The most versatile “everywhere” X-band spectrometers
MS-5000 & MS-5000X Spectrometers

Extend your laboratory’s capabilities with the next-generation benchtop EPR/ESR spectrometers from Magnettech™, pioneers in EPR spectrometry and trusted worldwide since 1992. The versatile MS-5000 and MS-5000X are research grade instruments with sensitivity and reliability for demanding applications.

Benchtop Mobility
Weighing only 99 lbs with a compact 15.6 x 10.3 x 7.6 inch footprint, MiniScope spectrometers are the perfect “everywhere” instrument.

Outstanding Sensitivity & Stability
Excellent sensitivity and stability to yield quality data and consistent results.

Intuitive Operation
Focus on research and not the instrument with ESRStudio, the most modern and dynamic software for ESR measurements. Simple and intuitive operation that doesn’t require the operator to be an expert in spectroscopy.
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Affordable, low cost of ownership.

Benchtop form factor accommodates mobility.

Simple and intuitive operation puts focus on research not instrument operation.

Outstanding sensitivity and stability.

Connectivity to a wide range of accessories to accommodate variable research applications.

Auto calibration and tuning to maintain accuracy, minimize maintenance and downtime.



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Accessories to Serve Many Research Applications
Magnettech’s MiniScope line of X-band EPR/ESR spectrometers are designed to connect with multiple accessories to serve variable research applications and testing of different solid, liquid and powder materials.
Wide Field of Applications
EPR is the only method for the direct detection of paramagnetic species. EPR/ESR spectroscopy has wide field of applications from Research & Development to Quality control in branches like,
Life Sciences
Nitric oxide measurement, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stress, radical generating systems, photo dynamic therapy
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Bioinorganic transition metal compounds, fenton chemistry, effect of heavy metal ions on living tissue
Environmental Toxicology
Generation of radicals by particles
Living polymers, nitroxide quantification, radicals in varnish, UV stability of scratch resistant varnish
Biophysical Features
Oxymetry, membrane fluidity, pH in micro-environment, viscosity and phase partition
Separation of Radicals
EPR/HPLC coupling
Food Chemistry and Pharmacy
Antioxidative features of foodstuff, radicals in foodstuff, radiation induced radicals.
Radical protection factor, protection features of UV-filters in créme, shampoo, etc.
Alanine Dosimetry
Alanine dosimetry (tablets, thin films)
Product Specifications >>
Download MS5000 Product Catalog
Download the catalog for detail on all accessories.
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