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PEP Mini Water Phantom

Designed for Therapy Beam Quality Control.

  • Electron Dosimetry
  • Photon Dosimetry
  • MRI Compatible


The PEP Phantom has many applications and was originally designed for Electron Dosimetry to meet the requirements of the Electron Code of Practice; however it has also proved excellent for Photon Dosimetry. 

The unit comprises a compact and robust water phantom complete with a leveling platform suitable for both chamber and treatment machine calibration / output measurements. It is capable of accepting all chambers recommended in the Electron Code of Practice. NACP, Markus, Roos and Farmer type thimble ionisation chambers.

The unique rotational chamber mounting, and the opposed thin windows, allow for measurements to be made with both vertical and horizontal beam incidence. Vertical chamber position is continuously variable. Lateral chamber positioning can also be easily achieved.

The ‘2611 Special PEP Holder’ accepts both the NPL-2611 in its waterproof sleeve alongside the Farmer chamber in a vertical orientation at 2 cm from the external surface of the side window.

The unit comes supplied with 2 chamber holders, one for the Farmer thimble chamber and the other for a parallel plate chamber of the customers choice. Additional chamber mountings available on request. Also available is the NPL-2611 Special Holder pictured above.

Technical Specifications

Material                                                       10 mm clear acrylic

Internal Dimensions                                   350 mm (L) x 294 mm (W) x 300 mm (D)

External Dimensions                                  420 mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 390 mm (H)

Thin Windows                                             3 mm clear acrylic x 150 mm diameter

Range of Movements                                 Depth: 250 mm with 1 mm scale (continuously variable
                                                                     Lateral: 240 mm in 10 mm intervals

Leveling Capability                                    Three point leveling platform

Weight (Empty)                                           8 kg

Weight (Full)                                               39 kg

Acceptable Chambers                               NACP, Markus, Roos, NE2571, NE2581, IBA IC70 and PPC-40, NPL2611.
                                                                     Others upon request.
2611 Special PEP Holder
PEP Mini Water Phantom
Mini Water Phantom Specifications
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