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Market and Competitive Dynamics
Proposals & Proposal Management
Excess and Obsolete (E&O) Inventory Management
RST has significant global Market & Technical experience in the field of Radiation Protection and External Dosimetry. Our expertise in this field provides the prospective client competitive intelligence on market dynamics, trends and potential opportunities. This may also include target acquisition vetting and due diligence. We are able to provide product development guidance on a technical basis anchored on market dynamics, customer preferences, voice of the customer and international technical standards.
At Rotunda Scientific Technologies (RST), we have over 25 years of experience serving the nuclear industry. We aim to provide our customers high quality services tailored to their unique requirements to ensure the best possible solution is provided. Our services include:
Proposals and Proposal Management take a significant skill set not found in many organizations.  This skill set is a high degree of understanding both the competition as well as the products being offered by all potential participants. Sparing time away from daily duties is always difficult and there is typically nobody capable of pulling the team together to complete the project in time.  In many cases the internal team is not accustomed to writing a responsive winning proposal or with the quality required to meet end customer expectations to receive high commercial or technical scores. We are able to provide you with this solution.
Many companies have a portion of their inventory that is aged past the point of being used within a reasonable amount of time tying up precious capital investments. We can manage this E&O inventory on consignment and find customers that have a requirement for the product or components.
If you need assistance in other areas not listed please contact us to assist you in developing a custom solution tailored to your requirements.
Dosimetry Consulting & Harshaw TLD Training
We have significant Commercial and Technical expertise in the field of Active and Passive Dosimetry and are recognized as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Internationally. We have over 20 years of experience with the Harshaw TLD product line, including materials, instruments, software and algorithms. In addition, we have extensive experience with the former Siemens Electronic Dosimeter. Consulting Services will be customized for your specific requirements and handled as a project, retainer or time and materials. Bringing us as consultants to your organization is a cost effective alternate to a full time experienced employee on staff.  
Serving the External Dosimetry, Radiation Detection, and Spectroscopy communities since 2012.
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