DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump

DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump


The ideal replacement for the Pharmacia P-500 Pump!

Strata’s versatile DCP50 dual cylinder positive displacement pump is ideal for a wide range of low flow, virtually pulse free with very low shear laboratory applications. It is capable of operation at outlet pressures up to 50 bar.

Due to its simple and robust design the DCP50 pump is capable of reliable continuous operation, with very little maintenance, and is capable of pumping a wide range of fluids including brines, oils and solvents. The easy to use user interface allows the pump to be set up and operated with minimal effort and training and the optional pump control program allows the pump to be operated remotely.

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Key Features

      • Minimum flow rate: 0.01 ml/hr
      • Maximum flow rate: 500 ml/hr
      • Maximum working pressure: 50barG (725psi)
      • Two different constant flow modes:
        • Normal – 1ml to 500ml per hour in 1ml steps
        • Low – 0.01ml to 5ml per hour in 0.01ml steps
      • Constant pressure mode
        • Variable flow of 0ml to 500ml per hour for pressure settings of 0.1 – 50.0 bar in 0.1 bar steps
      • Piston backwash feature
      • Bulk modulus correction feature
      • User settable overpressure shutdown feature
      • Pulse compensation mode
      • Transparent pump cylinders to monitor fluid
      • Fluid change program
      • USB and RS485 connectivity for data acquisition and pump control
      • 316SS Wetted Parts (Optional Hastelloy wetted parts)
      • Optional Pump Control Program
      • Intuitive settings control
      • Clear and bright LCD screen
      • Compact design
      • CE-Marked

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