GMS1800a Dual-Channel Laboratory Counter


The GMS1800a Dual-Channel Laboratory Counter is a microprocessor based unit which may be used to count digital pulse signals over a range of user selectable counting periods. It is a compact and robust unit suitable for laboratory or field use.



    • Two independent counting inputs
    • Simple operation
    • Battery & main power
    • Suitable for laboratory or field use
    • Output to computer or printer
    • User selectable time interval
    • 50 kHz maximum counting rate
    • Dead time correction
    • Maximum count > 4×109
    • Robust metal case

The Laboratory Counter may be used with industry standard Alpha and Beta detector drawer units (such as the AEA Technology I Harwell Instruments types ‘ADU’ and ‘SDU’, 0744, 0771 and 0772), or with other instruments providing digital pulse output signals.

GMS1800a is powered either by an internal rechargeable battery or externally by a main supply unit, which recharges the battery at the same time. The instrument can also operate from a 12V DC source such as a vehicle battery, making it convenient for mobile field surveys.

The unit provides two counting channel inputs and displays the accumulated counts in each channel over a user-selected counting period. The unit may alternatively display the count difference between the two input signals.


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