microESR Benchtop ESR / EPR Spectrometer

microESR Benchtop ESR / EPR Spectrometer

The Bruker microESR is an affordable research grade spectrometer designed for portability with a 30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm3 footprint and mass of just 10 kg (22 lbs). This spectrometer is one of the more compact, lightweight, and lower cost ESR / EPR spectrometers on the market. The compact size allows you to easily work in a fume hood, glove box, or transport it to the field with ease. In addition, no special installation or regular maintenance is required! 

If you are a university professor, use this as a tool to take your students on a  journey with demonstrations of both simple (everyday free radicals) and complex (electron density, spin-orbit coupling, etc) experiments. The Education Package is a great investment into an instrument that will yield results for years to come. Explore the unknown with the microESR portable benchtop ESR / EPR Spectrometer.



    • Focus on the Subject: Easy to use on screen menus make the instrument accessible to students and teachers alike. 
    • Save Space: Ideal for labs or classrooms with small or limited space, the microESR is not only lightweight, it is just 30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm3.
    • Get Started Faster: Quick and easy installation.
    • Connect to Your Class: Modern touchscreen interface appeals to students with familiar swipe, pinch, and drop menus
    • Lower Cost: Students can learn on the microESR as a prerequisite for more expensive systems.


    • Chemistry
    • Beer Analysis
    • Industry
    • Materials Science
    • Biology / Biochemistry / Biomedical

Technical Specifications

    • Operating Frequency: X-Band
    • Continuous Wave
    • Field Sweep Range: 500 G centered at g=2
    • Spectrum simulation and fitting
    • Easily run samples at liquid nitrogen temperature with optional accessories


Since late 2019 we started representing Bruker in the USA and Canada for benchtop ESR systems, the ESR5000 & microESR.  Previously, we represented Freiberg Instruments for the MS-5000 (now the ESR5000) in the Americas.  Our company provides technical sales, installation, support, and service for the benchtop systems. 


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