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Lens of the Eye Dosimetry - Hp(3)
Lens of the Eye dosimetry, Hp(3), has become increasingly important with the changes recommended by ICRP 103 (Statement on Tissue Reactions). IAEA Reference: ICRP issues statement lowering threshold for eye lens

  • Addresses the ICRP 103 Dose Reduction Changes for Eye Dose Monitoring
  • Preferred solution over side of head mounting to minimize angular dependence
  • IEC-62387 now includes Hp(3)
  • Designed for use with the Harshaw TLD Chipstrate (ordered separately)
  • Incorporates a 300 mg/cm^2 PTFE filter for Hp(3)
  • 1 or 3 TLD detector versions
  • Velcro back for easy size adjustment
  • Easy to wear, comfortable and non-obtrusive
  • Available in customized quantities
Model 2 - 3 detector version
Model 1 - Single detector version
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