myOSLchip Eraser

myOSLchip Eraser

An announcement from LANDAUER has stated that the microSTARii® Medical Dosimetry System and nanoDot products are no longer available for purchase. The myOSLchip is a new generation replacement product for the microSTARii®. Contact us to learn more!



Tabletop light eraser for myOSLchip dosimeters

myOSLchip Eraser is a highly efficient tabletop light eraser compatible with myOSLchip dosimeters. myOSLchip Eraser erases up to 48 myOSLchip dosimeters in one load within 2 hours.

The myOSLchip dosimeters are opened and closed within the device to avoid exposure to light and to avoid mistakes of detectors and numbered covers.


Capacity Up to 48 myOSLchip dosimeter with BeO detectors
Sample carrier Drawer carrier plate
Erasing LEDs 48 LEDs, blue
Erasing time 120 min (standard)
Voltage 90 – 250 V, 50/60 Hz
Fuse 2 A (T) micro fuse, delayed action fuse
Dimensions 250 mm x 200 mm x 410 mm
Transport case 530 mm x 260 mm x 330 mm
Weight ca. 15.7 kg (net)ca. 22.7 kg (with transport case)
Certification CE, ISO-9001

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