ESR5000 Benchtop Mass Spectrometer

ESR5000 Benchtop ESR / EPR Spectrometer (Formerly MS-5000)


"The Ideal 'Everywhere' Spectrometer"

Extend your laboratory’s capabilities with the next-generation benchtop EPR / ESR spectrometer from Bruker. The versatile ESR5000 is an easy to use research grade instrument with sensitivity and reliability for demanding applications.

Size matters when lab space is scarce but so does ease of use and performance. The ESR5000 addresses this as an easy to use, compact, and powerful research grade instrument. Focus on your research and not on the instrument with ESRStudio, the most modern and dynamic software for ESR / EPR measurements. The simple and intuitive user interface doesn’t require you to be an expert in spectroscopy to get accurate results.

Need to take Liquid Helium (He) or Nitrogen (N2) measurements? The ESR5000 with optional accessories (He Cryostat / Temperature Controller) allows you to meet these requirements.

Looking for Quality Assurance? The ESR5000 also addresses standards such as EN 1786, 1787, 13708 related to irradiated food testing.



    • Save space and easily mobilize with a compact design
    • Simple and intuitive operation puts focus on research not instrument operation.
    • Accommodate variable research applications with a wide range of accessories
    • Maintain accuracy while minimizing maintenance and downtime with auto calibration and tuning
    • Compatible with Bridge12 Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (ODNP) Probe


Wide Field of Applications

EPR/ESR spectroscopy has wide field of applications from research & development to quality control in branches like:

Alanine Dosimetry
Alanine dosimetry (tablets, thin films) 

Life Sciences
Nitric oxide measurement, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stress, radical generating systems, photo dynamic therapy 

Bioinorganic Chemistry
Bioinorganic transition metal compounds, fenton chemistry, effect of heavy metal ions on living tissue

Environmental Toxicology
Generation of radicals by particles

Living polymers, nitroxide quantification, radicals in varnish, UV stability of scratch resistant varnish

Biophysical Features
Oxymetry, membrane fluidity, pH in micro-environment, viscosity and phase partition

Separation of Radicals
EPR/HPLC coupling

Food Chemistry and Pharmacy
Antioxidative features of foodstuff, radicals in foodstuff, radiation induced radicals

Radical protection factor, protection features of UV-filters in créme, shampoo, etc


Technical Specifications

Operating Frequency  X-band 
Sensitivity 5 x 1010 spins/mT (5 x 109 spins/G)
Signal to noise ratio 600:1
Microwave power 1 μW to 100 mW
Concentration Sensitivity 50 pM
Field homogeneity ± 5 μT (50 mG) within sample region
Field stability 1.0 μT/h (10 mG/h)
Sweep resolution (field & time) ≥125,000 points
Reference standard optional: integrated
Magnetic field range 0 to 650 mT (0 - 6500 G)
Modulation frequency 10 kHz and 100 kHz


Since late 2019 we started representing Bruker in the USA and Canada for benchtop ESR systems, the ESR5000 & microESR.  Previously, we represented Freiberg Instruments for the MS-5000 (now the ESR5000) in the Americas.  Our company provides technical sales, installation, support, and service for the benchtop systems. 


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