Harshaw TLD Training Courses

Rotunda Scientific Technologies has been leading successful Harshaw TLD training courses since 2012. If you fall into any of these categories, then these courses are for you. 

    • Are you new to the industry?
    • Are you an existing member looking to expand your knowledge?
    • Do you need Health Physics Society (HPS) Continuing Education Credits (CEC)?
    • Do you need evidence of training for IEC-17025, NVLAP or DOELAP?

    These intensive training sessions are designed to provide you with background and technical knowledge of the Harshaw TLD systems.

    All our training sessions are led by Joe Rotunda, a leading expert in the field of dosimetry with more than 30 years of global experience. He is an active member on ANSI, IEC & ISO working groups for Standards development relating to Dosimetry and Radiation Protection.  Prior to forming Rotunda Scientific Technologies in 2012 he worked at Harshaw/Thermo Fisher Scientific developing, directly or indirectly, the dosimetry products that are part of these courses.

    To register for one of our training courses, download the the course brochure and follow the instructions on the second page.

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    TBD - 2025 Harshaw TLD Training Course San Diego, CA - USA Brochure


    TBD - 2025      

    Harshaw TLD Training Course Reading, UK


    Recap - 2023