Li-Foil Multiwire Proportional Counter (MWPC) Neutron Detector

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Li-Foil MWPC Neutron Detector Technology

A Low-Cost Large-Area Neutron Detector

Size matters and so does weight. The Li-Foil Multi-wire Proportional Counter (MWPC) Neutron Detectors are just 0.7 kg (1.6 lbs) and are an affordable large-area alternative to the 3He-based detectors. They maintain a high thermal-neutron detection efficiency, at a comparable volume, mass, voltage, and power required. The technology has the flexibility to easily adjust available detection area to customer specifications with a 20% to 70% (40% standard) thermal-neutron detection efficiency. The Li-Foil MWPC are being integrated into existing electronics technology as replacements for 3He-based detectors. Li-Foil offers a lightweight solution while maintaining the high neutron detection sensitivity and ruggedness that are known of 3He-based detectors. 

The graph below illustrates the effectiveness of the Li-Foil showing normalized counts per channel number. The Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport (MCNPresults from the Li-Foil can be seen by looking at the dotted line within the graph.


Electronics & Interfacing

    • Optional onboard readout electronics include pulse processing components (e.g. preamp, amp, etc.) with TTL output or output driven signal to interface with customer’s GUI.
    • Customizable connection interface - i.e. USB, M8, SMA, etc.
    • Microphonics rejection integrated in the electronics firmware.


Technical Specifications

y-reject <1:10-8
40 %(±1)
CTS / sec / nv 79.5
2.7 - 4.5 V
TTL or output driven
Temperature Range

-40oC to 85oC

~400 mW total

Standard Size

49.5 * 5.6 * 3.6 cm
(19.5" * 2.2" * 1.4")
0.7 kg (1.6 lbs)