Lexsyg Research Imaging TL-OSL-RF System

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"The most advanced TL/OSL reader"


    • Operating: LexStudio 2.0
    • Evaluation: LexEva
    • Operating & Evaluation: TL Studio



 Modular Design

    • Interchangeable OSL stimulation units (up to 3 wavelengths per OSL), accommodates up to 4 detection units and up to 2 irradiation sources

No Crosstalk

    • Independent operation of measurement chamber and sample reservoir ensures absence of both stimulation and radiation crosstalk

Continuous Operation

    • Ability to load and unload samples while another sample is undergoing analysis/treatment inside the measurement chamber


    • Software controlled switch of detection filters within a measurement sequence


    • Highly homogeneous and stabilized optical stimulation provides identical measurement conditions


    • IP based system allows remote operation and technical support from anywhere in the world

Easy Upgrade

    • Modular design allows future expansion of device capabilities by easily adding components



    • Luminescence Dating
    • Material Research
    • Authenticity Testing
    • Accident Dosimetry
    • Radiation Protection
    • Food Irradiation
    • Solid State Dosimetry
    • Bioluminescence


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