Neutron Track Etch Dosimeter Holder

Looking for a new (and stylish) neutron holder to help monitor your teams’ exposure? Your search ends here! The Neutron Track Etch Dosimeter Holder is intended to be used with in your team’s passive dosimetry program. Equipped with a 3-sided Pyramid Foam Insert, this holder supports up to 3 track etch detectors (sold separately) to allow multidirectional detection by placing detectors on each side of the insert.

In addition to multidirectional capabilities, we offer the option to customize the Outer Shell with your company’s logo and your choice of color!



  • Increase directional detection with 3 detectors opposed to 1
  • Perfect for CR-39 detectors used in neutron and radon dosimetry
  • Tailor the design to your company with your logo and company color


What's Included?

  • Outer Shell
  • Pyramid Foam Insert
  • Metal or Plastic Badge Clip
  • Custom Logo on the Outer Shell
  • Custom Color

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