ED3 Extremity Dosimeter


Monitoring the extremities is extremely important when handling radiopharmaceuticals, in cardiology, oncology and glove box work as whole body dose may underestimate the extremity dose, especially when there are high dose gradients.  

The ED3 Active Extremity Dosimeter provides monitoring of Hp(0.07) for high energy betas and photons (gammas and X-rays) on the extremities.

Probes come pre-calibrated and are interchangeable on the ED3 electronics unit.

Download the ED3 Brochure

Download the ED3 PC Software and User Manual


    • Interventional Radiology
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Glove Box Applications
    • High Dose Gradient Environments 


    • Real time monitoring for dose of record or ALARA
    • Better dose assessment in high dose gradients
    • Easy to wear
    • Dose chain of custody
    • Facilitates training

Key Characteristics

    • Real-time readout for 1—2 detectors
    • Measures Hp(0.07) for betas and photons
    • Detectors are removable for decontamination or replacement
    • Collected data may be analyzed, stored and archived on a PC using the included software
    • May be adapted for Eye dosimetry Hp(3)

Self Test and Alarms

    • Low Battery
    • Missing Probe
    • Dose & Dose Rate Alarm
    • Dose & Dose Rate Overload
    Part Number
    ED3 Active Extremity Dosimeter for monitoring, collecting, and displaying data from 1 or 2 detectors (must be the same type). Supplied with 1 x ED3D1 detector, PC software ED3 Data Manager. An ED3D4 may be substituted for the ED3D1 detector.
    ED3D1 Detector designed to measure Hp(0.07) for photons from 60 KeV to 1.25 MeV.​

    Detector designed to measure Hp(0.07) for betas and photons below 60 KeV.

    *Lower energies are possible, but response variability may increase.​

    ED3 Calibration  Calibration of the ED3 with probes.



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