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Magnettech MiniScope MS-5000 ESR System
ESR spectrometer with scientific grade performance - the ideal 'everywhere' spectrometer.

Next generation electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR).  Combined state of the art electronics and extended experience of magnet and resonator engineering allows for more than a factor of two improvement in signal to noise ratio.

​Wide Field of Applications

​Life sciences
Nitric oxide measurement, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stress, radical generating systems, photo dynamic therapy

Environmental Toxicology
Generation of radicals by particles

Biophysical Features
Oxymetry, membrane fluidity, pH in microenvironment, viscosity, phase partition

Food Chemistry and Pharmacy 
Antioxidative features of foodstuff, radicals in foodstuff, radiation-induced radicals.

Alanine Dosimetry
Alanine dosimetry (tablets, thin films)

Bioinorganic Chemistry 
Bioinorganic transition metal compounds, fenton chemistry, effect of heavy metal ions on living tissue

Living polymers, nitroxide quantification, radicals in varnish, UV stability of scratch resistant varnish

Separation of Radicals
EPR/HPLC coupling

Radical protection factor, protection features of UV-filters in creme, shampoo, etc.
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Compact size
the ideal 'everywhere' spectrometer
45 kg 397 x 262 x 192 mm

Sensitivity & Stability
Outstanding sensitivity and magnetic field stability, extended data detection schemes
detection limit of 10 nM in PBS

Versatile options
  • Automated goniometer for measurement of angular dependencies
  • Low temperature measurements
  • Big collection of specialized sample holders and glassware
  • Comfortable software for data handling and evaluation
  • Autosampling for liquids, powder and solid samples

Software - ESRStudio
ESRStudio is the most modern and dynamic software for ESR measurements with convenient workflow based user interfaces.

  • Most advanced operating and data evaluation software
  • Modern and user friendly user interfaces
  • User/application based customization
  • Advanced scientific capability
  • Work flow for automated spectrum evaluation
  • Automated report generation for convenient research work
  • Versatile optimization of parameters like signal amplitude, phase of magnetic field modulation etc.

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