3 Benefits of the GMS Hand-Held Core Gamma Loggers

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Upstream Oil & Gas is already a demanding industry and any mistakes may add potentially avoidable costs. Why not make sure your team has all the right tools to make informed data-driven decisions on-site?

Core Gamma Logging equipment is an essential investment because it provides your team with subsurface data that is an integral part of the well development process. Fortunately, the GMS family of instruments are a perfect solution for your logging needs. Referenced below are 3 benefits of the GMS hand-held & rolling gamma spectrum core loggers:


1. High Portability

GMS310 and GMS312 Carrying Cases

Whether you're drilling on or off-shore, the GMS hand-held instruments can be by your side on demand. The GMS310 and GMS312 are both highly portable instruments that can be hand-carried virtually anywhere by one person. Shipping is no issue either as both instruments come with a carrying case that can also be used as a shipping case.


2. Little to No Training Required

GMS310 and GMS312 User Interface

These hand-held / rolling instruments are easy to use and offer a simple user-interface. They require little to no training past reading the manual. In most instances, the instrument simply needs to be held flush with the core and held there until the measurement is complete.


3. On-Site Decision Making 

GMS310 GMS312 Data Manager

While these instruments are not intended to replace laboratory analysis, they certainly help expedite the decision making process by allowing onsite data analysis via PC software. Additionally, if there are other methods of core logging onsite, the data from the instruments can be combined to provide your team with more data to make informed decisions.

If you would like more information on the GMS310 Handheld or GMS312 Rolling Gamma Spectrum Core Loggers, click here.

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