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Serving the External Dosimetry, Radiation Detection, and Spectroscopy communities since 2012.
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ED3 Extremity Dosimeter
Neutron Criticality Dosimeter
DXTRAD Barcode Scanner
Finger and Eye Dosimeters
Harshaw TLD 3500
Harshaw TLD Card Rack
Harshaw TLD Card Holder Inserts
Harshaw TLD Holder Opener
Body Phantom
NE257A / 2581A
NPL2611 Ion Chamber
ART Phantom
Mini Water Phantom
NE2528 Perspex Phantom
Head Phantoms
Linac Radiosurgery Phantoms
MiniScope 5000 / 5000X
bPAD / bPAD+ / bPAD+ VR
bMCA USB / Ethernet / Box
Topaz-Pico / Pico BNC / X / HR
GMS1800a / 1800b
Lexsyg Smart / Research
GMS310 / 311 / 312
Domino® Neutron Detector
MicroStructured Neutron Detector
Market and Competitive Dynamics
Dosimetry Consulting
Proposals & Proposal Management
Niche Product Solutions
Product Not Listed
Harshaw TLD Training