Extremity Dosimetry - Hp(0.07)

Finger and Ankle Dosimeters

Extremity Dosimetry, Hp(0.07), has become increasingly important, especially tip of the finger monitoring, when handling radiopharmaceuticals, in cardiology, oncology and glove box work (please see references below). It has been shown that monitoring at the base of the finger significantly underestimates the dose.  These Extremity Finger Stalls utilize the Harshaw TLD EXTRAD Chipstrate, XD-107H or XD-707H as the radiation sensitive detector.

    • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of IEC-62387 and ISO-12794
    • Designed for use with the Harshaw TLD EXTRAD Chipstrate (ordered separately)
    • Available in 2 versions of filtration: 10 mg/cm² PVC (beta & photon) and 3.2 mg/cm² aluminized polyester (photon & low energy beta) 
    • Easy to wear, comfortable and non-obtrusive
    • Two sizes are available to fit different finger sizes
    • Additional versions available for ankles & wrists
    • May be coded for different wear periods
    • Available in custom quantities



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