Harshaw TLD Wall Rack - Card Storage System

Harshaw TLD Wall Rack - Card Storage System


The Harshaw TLD Card Storage System is designed to conveniently hold large quantities of TLD cards awaiting disposition either pre or post readout. This system is compatible with the Harshaw TLD Model 6600 and 8800 Card Readers. TLD cards are stored 600 per column and the unit can be manufactured with preselected number of columns to suit your storage requirements. A 400 TLD card version is also available.

There is a slider mechanism at the bottom of the TLD Card Storage System to hold the Reader cartridge allowing loading and unloading of TLD cards. The Model 8800 blue magazine is located at 180 degrees to the gold magazine so all the cards are stored on the wall in the same orientation and the jig can move the cards from the gold to blue cartridge and vice versa.


Key Benefits

    • Compatible with the Harshaw TLD Model 6600 & 8800 Readers and Green Cartridge from the WrapId Issuer system
    • Each column holds 400 or 600 Harshaw TLD cards
    • The number of Storage Rows is customizable & adaptable to your laboratory requirements
    • Wall mountable to preserve laboratory space
    • Lowers operational costs due to handling


  This solution is right for you if your facility: 

    • Needs a better way to manage the cycling of TLD cards to ensure even usage
    • Has a large population of Harshaw TLD cards and do not have a good storage solution
    • Is still storing TLD cards in the original boxes
    • Need help managing the movement of TLD cards to or from the Harshaw TLD Reader 
    • Has TLD card clutter on benches and desks

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