GMS310 Hand-Held API Core Gamma Logger


The GMS310 Hand-Held Gamma Spectrum Core Logger is ideally suited for the user that requires easy operation and rugged reliability. This is especially useful in the geophysical field of well or borehole logging and also other industrial applications such as the scrap metal recycling sector. Three Regions of Interest (ROI) are pre-programmed from the factory with a total of 6 ROIs allowing the user to preset specific radionuclides important for your investigative or operational environment. With the GMS310, you don’t need to be a physicist to understand the results as is common with more complex units that provide spectrum data for radionuclides unimportant to your operation. The GMS310 comes preset with commonly used radionuclides, such as Uranium, Thorium and Potassium. In addition to the 6 ROIs the unit uses an additional region covering the entire energy range for overall gross measurements.​ Data can be displayed in either API units or counts in six user-defined Regions of Interest plus gross gamma count.

Operation of the GMS Core Logger is accomplished through the use of the 6 large buttons that are easily operated even while wearing gloves or PPE. The buttons are color coded into function groups for power:

    • Red - On/Off
    • Yellow - Backlight
    • Blue - Up/Down
    • Green - Accept
    • Red - Decline

In addition to the large buttons, the display has a bright backlight to for easy operation in bright sun light or lighting conditions. The backlight on/off timing is adjustable via the menu.

With the large 51 x 51 mm (2 x 2 in) NaI detector the GMS310 provides quick isotope detection and identification times to increase worker efficiency and eliminate wasted time. Sampling time is selectable via the onboard menu. Data is stored in the instrument and the measurements can be extracted to a PC with the weatherproofed enclosed USB connector. Behind the weatherproof enclosure is also the power recharging jack.

 Features at a Glance

    • Hand-Held Spectral Core Gamma Logger
    • Easy one handed operation
    • Factory Pre-set Regions of Interest:
    • Potassium, Uranium, Thorium & Total Gamma (KeV)
    • 3 additional optional user defined Regions of Interest
    • Data Logging
    • Background Correction
    • User defined sample times or continuous logging features
    • Ability to calibrate with own Cs137 source (no need to return to factory)



    • 128 x 64 pixel transflective LCD with white LED backlight


    •  API Reporting

User Controls - 6 Button Operation

    • Power ON / OFF
    • Backlight
    • Back / No
    • Accept / Yes
    • Up
    • Down

    User Connection

      • Charger Input
      • USB Type B for connection to a PC


      • Large 51 x 51 mm (2" x 2") Nal(TI)

    Energy Range

      • 90 to 2,700 keV


      • 2 NiMH 4000 mAh 'C' size batteries
      • ~12 hrs. operation at 20°C
      • Full charge in ~10 hours


      • Input Supply 110 to 240 V AC, supplied with worldwide connectors


      • Operating Range: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
      • Slowed Display at lower temps: -20°C to 60°C  (-4°F to 140°F)

    IP Rating

      • IP 54

    GMS310 External Dimensions

      • 330L x 150H x 90W mm (13"L X 5.9"H X 3.5"W)
      • Weight 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)

    Transport Case

      • Details may vary

    Transport Case Dimensions

      • 500L x 210W x 390H mm (19.7"L x 8.3"H x 15.4"W)

    Total Weight

      • 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) with GMS310 and accessories


    Included with Purchase

    A rugged case, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, USB cable and PC software are included and complete the GMS 310 package making the unit ready to use out of the box (after fully charging the batteries). ​

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