5 Benefits of the DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump

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Disclaimer: We are a proud distributor for the DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump.

The DCP50 High Precision Positive Displacement Pump is a very accurate and precise positive displacement pump, especially over the entire pressure range at low flow rates. This pump is designed for laboratory applications where constant flow up to 500 ml / hour or where constant pressures of up to 50 bar (5 MPa, 725 psi) is required.

What are the benefits? Keep reading to find out.





1. Pump a Wide Range of Oils, Brines and Solvents

If you have a wide variety of fluids that you want to run through a positive displacement pump (PDP), this is the pump for you as it can be used for non-corrosive & corrosive solvents. As the product manual states:

 “The wetted metal parts of the standard pump are made from 316 grade stainless steel and Nitronic 60. A version of pump with Hastelloy wetted parts can be ordered if working with corrosive solvents e.g. brine. A rinsing system is fitted as standard, which feeds a rinsing solution between the two cylinders behind the piston heads to clean the internal surface of the glass tubes during use. Although use of the rinsing system is optional, it is recommended for pumps being used with corrosive solvents.”



2. Accurate and Precise

This is not your average pump, it is a lab grade pump focused on high accuracy and precision.

Here are the specs directly from the product manual:

  • Flow Rate Accuracy: ± 1.5% of setting or ± 0.5ml / hour (whichever is greater) independent of back pressure 
  • Flow Rate Precision: Better than 1% with the same solvent and temperature.
  • Constant Flow Rate: 1-500ml / hour variable in steps of 1ml / hour
  • Constant Flow Rate (Slow Mode): 0.01 – 5.00ml / hour variable in steps of 0.01ml / hour
  • Reproducibility: Better than 0.5% of set flow rate or pressure. 




DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump Front View


3. Simple Operation / Easy to use

Everyone enjoys a piece of equipment that is easy to use and does not require hours to prep. While it is recommended to leave the system out for 24 hours after receipt of shipment (as a precautionary measure in case condensation built up during a low temperature shipment), the pump can generally be set up and running within a couple hours after this wait period.

The equipment comes with 10 buttons / Indicators used for operation:



Solvent Change Button / Indicator

Use this button when wanting to change solvent as it speeds up flushing of the pump. The button has a red LED indicator to show that this feature is enabled.

Pulse Compensation Button / Indicator

Use this button when running the DCP50 against a backpressure of 5 bar or above. Operation is indicated by a red LED within the button.

Run Button / Indicator

Use this button to operate the pump. Operation is indicated by a red LED within the button.

Pressure Transducer

This monitors the output flow from the pump and feeds a signal back to the internal control circuit.

6-port Switchover Valve

The valve is connected to the pistons, and switches the direction of flow around the tubing system when the pistons change direction to ensure continuous output flow. Solvent input and output are also routed via this valve.

Over Pressure Indicator

This red LED indicates when the output pressure has exceeded the limit set by the rotary control. Pump operation stops when this happens.

Pressure Safety Limit Control

This control sets the maximum pressure that the pump will operate at.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Shows the flow rate, back pressure, and the set pressure limit when running in Constant Flow mode, or set pressure, flow rate and set pressure limit when running in Constant Pressure mode. It will also show the menus for other features when selected as described in this User Manual.

Flow Rate / Pressure Control

This control sets the flow rate of the pump when in Constant Flow mode, and sets the required pressure when in Constant Pressure mode.

Power Switch

Switches power to the internal circuitry of the pump when turned on. O=Off, l=On



4. Excellent Documentation

Some equipment out there does not have a lot of documentation on how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment. That is not the case with the DCP50. The DCP50 has a robust manual with 50+ pages. This manual covers installation, operation, maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting. Not every product has a robust manual, then again not every product needs one but it is reassuring to know that the DCP50 certainly has the best interest of the user in mind by providing them with so much information about the instrument. Download the manual here


Pharmacia P-500 and DCP50 Pumps 

5. Replacement for the Legacy Pharmacia P-500

Are you still using the legacy Pharmacia P-500 Pump? If so, you should know that the DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump has been built to be the replacement for the Pharmacia P-500. How do they compare? Take a look at the chart below!

Feature Pharmacia P-500 Pump DCP50 Pump
Availability of pump Not Available to Buy New(second hand only) Available from Rotunda Scientific Technologies LLC
Physical Dimensions 160 (h) x 210 (w) x 400 (l) mm 173 (h) x 205 (w) x 405 (l) mm
Weight (kg) 9 10
Wetted Parts

Stainless Steel or Hastelloy

(Not Available to Buy New)

Stainless Steel or Hastelloy
Mains Power Integrated Via separate AC/DC adapter, allowing for easier global use
Operating Pressure (bar) 40 50
Maximum Safety Cut Out Pressure (bar) 50 50.5
Safety Cut Out Controller Analogue with inaccurate control Digital & adjustable in 0.1 bar steps
Pressure Rating of Glass Tubes (bar) 44.5 54
Drive System Stepper motor drives two belts via gearing Stepper motor drives single belt yielding more accurate drive speeds and less replacement parts
Pulse Compensation Yes, but very slow Yes and almost instantaneous
Constant Pressure Mode No Yes. Variable flow of 0ml to 500ml per hour for pressure settings of 0.1 – 50.0 bar in 0.1 bar steps
Constant Flow Mode 1ml / hr to 500ml / hr in 1ml steps 1ml / hr to 500ml / hr in 1ml steps
Constant Flow (Slow) Mode No 0.01ml / hr to 5.00ml / hr in 0.01ml steps
Setting Flow Rate Set via thumbwheels Set via LCD display screen
Connectivity Digital Connection via Special Lead & Control Interface Hardware Standard USB & RS485 Ports
Remote Control Yes, but difficult with limited functionality Yes. All modes, speeds and functions can be controlled by included software
Data Capture Yes, but difficult with limited functionality Yes. Data can be streamed to the DCP50 PC program. Data can be saved in CSV format.
Real Time Clock No Yes
Pre-programming No Yes. Can be pre-programmed with sequence of up to 99 individual steps via DCP50 PC program (available in future firmware release)
Bulk Modulus Correction Feature No Yes
Piston Backwash Feature Optional As Standard

Note: The chart above was provided by the manufacturer of the DCP50, Strata Technology LTD, and edited appropriately by Rotunda Scientific Technologies LLC.


In conclusion, the DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump is able to pump a wide range of oils, brines, and solvents (corrosive & non-corrosive). This is in large part because the pump can be used with either stainless steel or Hastelloy wetted parts. Accuracy and precision are at the top of the list in terms of importance when choosing the right pump, luckily the DCP50 can check both of these boxes with excellent flow rate precision and accuracy. On top of that the DCP50 has an easy to use interface with a robust product manual. Last but certainly not least, the DCP50 was created to be a direct replacement for the Pharmacia P-500 Pump and as the chart above shows, it meets or exceeds performance in all areas.

If you would like more information on the DCP50 Positive Displacement Pump, click here!


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