Starfire Industries LLC Utilizes the Domino® for Their nGen® 350 Neutron Generator

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Interested in neutron radiation detection? Our customer, Starfire Industries LLC, has incorporated the Domino® Neutron Detector into their nGen® 350.

Starfire Industries' neutron generators are run by their patented nGen® technology which offers increased output and greater versatility over competing generator technology. Starfire offers a suite of D-D and D-T neutron generators flexible for many applications - including elemental analysis, lab research, cargo inspection and radiography.

The new nGen® 350 equipment integrates 6 of our supplier’s Domino® Neutron Detectors into the equipment to provide real-time compensation and operational feedback needed for 1 second intervals.

In a presentation given at the SORMA West conference in May 2021, Starfire Industries discusses the challenge, method, and ultimate results of their testing. To learn more, fill out the form below and get access to the full presentation!


About the Domino® Neutron Detector

Domino Neutron Detector connected to each other

The Domino® Neutron Detector is an OEM component that can be easily connected. The detector utilizes microstructured semiconductor neutron detector (MSND®) technology. This technology implements 6Li conversion to yield a thermal neutron detection efficiency of 30%. Optimum HDPE moderator for 252Cf neutron source at 1-m is 3-4 cm in front and 3-6 cm behind the MSND® sensor. Read More.


About Rotunda Scientific Technologies LLC

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Rotunda Scientific Technologies® LLC is dedicated to the fields of External Dosimetry, Radiation Detection, Radiation Protection and Spectroscopy. Founded in 2012 to serve the Dosimetry and Radiation Protection community, we supply innovative products and offer industry tailored services to fill voids that medium to large companies are not able or willing to address. We believe that listening to you and providing personalized service is the key to future partnerships and a long-term relationship.


nGen® is a trademark of Starfire Industries LLC

Domino® is a trademark of Radiation Detection Technologies Inc.

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