Harshaw TLD Card Holder Opener

Harshaw TLD Card Holder Opener

​The Harshaw TLD Card Holder Opener is uniquely designed ergonomically to easily open the Harshaw TLD dosimeter holders reducing wrist and finger strain that may lead to carpel tunnel syndrome. Opening effort is less than 85% of the original equipment manufacturer’s holder opener. Designed by the Y-12 National Security Complex (NSC) in Oak Ridge, TN USA  to reduce worker strain when opening Harshaw TLD dosimeter holders the technology was transferred to Rotunda Scientific Technologies for production and distribution worldwide.

Once you or members of your staff have used this next generation Harshaw TLD Card Holder Opener to open your Harshaw TLD Holders they will never want to use the old version again.

Works with all standard Harshaw TLD 88xx Card Holders, such as the 8805, 8806, 8814, 8825, 8840, 8855 and 8890.

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