Rotunda Scientific Technologies and our position on safety and adjusting strategies with COVID-19

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Title: Covid-19 Updates – Rotunda Scientific Technologies

Well and Healthy wishes from Rotunda Scientific Technologies!

The team at Rotunda Scientific Technologies (RotundaSciTech) want to express our concerns to all of those who have been affected by COVID-19. Whether this pandemic has impacted your job, family, or mental state, we sympathize for not only your safety but also your well-being.  After the months of confusion and changes, RotundaSciTech, just like the rest of the world, are still trying to figure out the “new normal” and understand that it will take time.

How we are dealing with the crisis

RotundaSciTech and its employees have been virtual since the start of the company in 2012. 

  1. Virtual Training and Meetings

We understand many companies are going through similar situations and we believe that has helped build a stronger rapport with our customers. The opportunity to see everyone in their homes, children running around, or dogs barking at the mailman in the background of the virtual call brings a level of humanity to the workplace that did not exist before.

Virtual Training and Meetings

Initially we viewed this as a distraction, but now we are all able to reconnect on a personal level; this has enabled us to further strengthen relationships and bring back humanity and humility into the professional world. These virtual consultations now enable us to strike up a personal conversation that may have never taken place, to demonstrate how relatable we all are and, in the end, build trust.

  1. Business Travels Pause

We have also stopped all travel to your sites and our vendors for the foreseeable future to expand on safety for your team as well as ours. Our main concern is exposing your and our team from airline travel or other areas of group gatherings.

Business Travel on Pause

  1. Remote Product Demonstrations

RotundaSciTech is excited to expand on performing remote demonstrations using several cameras and computers to provide a live and detailed setting.  Remote installations have proven to be effective with tools such as Teamviewer, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.,. As mentioned above, we are also providing remote training and consulting using the various virtual meeting systems.

Remote Training and Consulting

If you or your company is interested in further discussing a business endeavor with RotundaSciTech, or if you would like to meet the team members via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. we are more than willing to accommodate and arrange an “in person” meeting. 

You can contact us at:

Phone: +1 (330) 906-3403


 From our family to yours, we hope everyone stays healthy and safe.


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