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Health Physics

Health Physics is the applied physics of radiation protection and detection relevant to health and healthcare practices. The focus is on the identification, assessment, and control of health hazards to allow the safe use and application of ionizing radiation.
Active Dosimetry Products
Passive Dosimetry Products
ED3 Extremity Dosimeter
The ED3 Active Extremity Dosimeter provides monitoring of Hp(0.07) for betas and photons (gammas and X-rays).
Neutron Criticality Dosimeter
The NCL03 neutron criticality dosimeter is designed to provide a measurement of neutron dose post a criticality accident or nuclear event.
DXTRAD Barcode Scanner​
A circular reader designed to read the barcode on a Harshaw TLD DXTRAD extremity dosimeter with the dosimeter behind the lens in the ring/holder or as a discrete dosimeter.
Extremity Dosimetry Hp(0.07)
Extremity Dosimetry, Hp(0.07), has become increasingly important, especially tip of the finger monitoring, when handling radiopharmaceuticals, in cardiology, oncology and glove box work.
Eye Dosimetry Hp(3)
Lens of the Eye dosimetry, Hp(3), has become increasingly important with the changes recommended by ICRP 103 (Statement on Tissue Reactions). 
Eye Dosimetry Hp(3) Head Phantom
Perfect for testing the Eye Dosimeter Headband and the Harshaw TLD Chipstrate™ using up to 3 elements at a time.
Card Rack for Harshaw TLD Cards
The Harshaw TLD Card Storage System is designed to conveniently hold large quantities of TLD cards awaiting disposition either pre or post readout.
Wrapping Machine for Harshaw TLD Cards
WrapID Issuer reads the barcode on the Harshaw TLD card, wraps the card in a plastic film and prints customer specific information. (i.e. name, barcode, etc)
Harshaw TLD Holder Inserts
The Harshaw TLD Holder Insert is a unique way to take advantage of the various Harshaw TLD dosimeter holders, such as the 8814, with loose TLD material.
Harshaw TLD Holder Opener
Ergonomically designed to easily open the Harshaw TLD dosimeter holders, this product reduces wrist and finger strain that could lead to carpel tunnel syndrome.
Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom
Developed under the direction of the U.S Department of Energy, primarily as a reference standard for the in-vivo counting of emissions from low-energy transuranic nuclides. The organs of interest are the lungs, liver and lymph nodes. Each of these may be radioactive or inert.
Harshaw TLD Model 3500
The Harshaw TLD 3500 provides manual readout of TL chips, disks, rods and cubes in a broad variety of sizes. This reader is suitable for all kinds of applications that require thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) detectors.
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